Challenge Your Legs

VirtuousTraining November 28, 2012 0
Challenge Your Legs

I have a love-hate relationship with squats.  As much as I hate doing them, the overall benefit is worth the struggle.   Back squats, front squats and split squats not only challenge your legs, but also your core and back.  Your nervous system and your cardiovascular system also gets the benefit  especially if you throw in some active rest between sets.  Try this sequence 1x per week for 4-6 weeks and see how much stronger you will get.

Warm Up:


10 air squats

10 overhead squats

10+10 split squats 

Progressively build t your 5 RM (this should take 5-6 sets, start light and build up).


Now do the same for FRONT SQUAT but work up to an 8 RM.

and finish with 3 sets of 10+10 dumbbell SPLIT SQUATS.

Each set for each exercise, rest approximately 60-90 seconds.

(video will be posted soon)


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