The Perfect “Sports Drink”

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The Perfect “Sports Drink”

Over the last decade I’ve had the opportunity to compete in various mountain biking, adventure racing, CrossFit, triathlon, running, cycling……the list goes on… events.  The longer the event, the harder it is to manage your nutrition and especially your electrolyte balance and hydration.

I think I’ve tried everything on the market, from Gatorade to GU Brew to Amino Core, flat Coca-Cola and simple H2O.  Gels, bars, jelly beans and chews were somewhere in there too.  All of these products had various results, good or bad but they either tasted horrible, were full of sugar or even worse, had aspartame.  My most memorable experience with gels was after completing my first Half Ironman in Peterborough.  I had 6 gels over the course of the race… for the next week I couldn’t eat anything too salty or sour because the gels literally ate away at my mouth.  How healthy is that?

Here’s something new!

Genuine Health has launched a product called activfuel+.  Here are the amazing facts.  This product will provide you with fuel before and during your workouts.  There are zero artificial sweeteners, preservatives and/or flavours (nothing to fry your mouth).  This as natural as a sports drink can get.  It has a light taste, goes down smooth and you feel your thirst quenched and refreshed.

The profile  of activfuel+ is superior too.

-There is enough whey protein isolate and BCAA’s to prepare you and sustain your activity.  They’re also key in starting the recovery process.  You are much less likely to lose muscle mass as is the case with many endurance athletes.  It also doesn’t feel heavy on the stomach which was a pleasant surprise.

-The nice red colour is also natural.  It comes from the beet root which in combination with the whole grain, sprouted brown rice and agave provide a low glycemic carbohydrate source.  As a result you can go longer and harder without feeling depleted.

-Taurine and kola nut seed extract (only in the caffeinated version) gives you that extra boost without feeling gittery like many pre-workout drinks do (Super Pump or N.O. Xplode).  You truly feel like you can work at a higher intensity  and not crash at the end of the workout.

-Freeze-dried coconut powder, electrolytes, 1g of creatine, magnesium all aide in replenishing your system before you end your workout.  Recovery is much faster and your next workout more efficient.

-You can customize your dose depending on your body weight, type and duration of exercise.

Activfuel+ is definitely the product that athlete’s needed and it’s arrived with perfect timing.  More and more athletes are conscious  of what they put in their bodies.  Yes, they want something that will give them energy and support their system but more importantly, they are beginning to look for natural, healthy ingredients.  Activfuel+ is unique in that sense and among it’s competitors it’s the  only product that is all natural and tastes great in addition to it’s results.

Thus far I’ve been using it for over a month, daily or twice daily during my workouts.  I feel great and my recovery is much faster.  My morning workouts aren’t as much of a struggle and the next day I’m not as sore (maybe I should push a bit harder?)! I’ve been able to hand out samples to some of my clients and they are raving about it as are some national development team rowers heading to the world championships next week.

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